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Paul Canon And Dakota Ford Flip Fuck Raw

Paul Canon And Dakota Ford Flip Fuck Raw

Is he ripping frozen skin off his hand with his teeth? Oh you straight boys! Paul doesn’t mind gnawing his skin off other than Dakota seems to troth a bit grossed out. Paul reminds him that it’s no abundant than tasting one’s own cum, something he swears Dakota will experience today.

The boys undress and Dakota proudly displays his BSB underwear. Finally! He inhaled tons of thick cocks and got his meat plowed enough; he earned them. After removing his prized undies, Dakota finds himself in a ruttish lip lock with Paul. I love watching Paul kiss, he’s so passionate that his partners can’t help other than get into it. After a tasty smooch Paul pushes Dakota back onto the bed and begins to blow him. We before now know that Paul likes the taste of skin. He’s previously had an appetizer so I’m guessing this is his entrée. Dakota’s huge cocks achieves look good enough to eat! Paul’s dick eating behavior has Dakota moaning loudly. The look on Dakota’s face is something every meat sucker works for.

Dakota glides off of the bed and lands on his knees sooner than Paul. Dakota has turned into a real pro at taking shaft in the mouth. He teases Paul with his tongue sooner than engulfing the cocks whole. “You engulf that dick” Paul says because Dakota flows his meat stick in and out of his mouth. The sounds of slurping and dick eating fill the air; this is a good audible BJ! “That’s tons of thick cocks, man!” Dakota says following roughly choking on stiff dick and saliva. He gets right back to work though; he wants to get that rod nice and wet previous he gets fucked. And soon it’s time for just that. Teary eyed from redeeming some bomb butt head, Dakota lies back on the bed while Paul lubes up. He penetrates Dakota’s man slit raw and immediately starts hammering somewhere else. “Aww, yeah” Dakota shouts. BSB and money are turning him into a stiff dick hungry little boy. His ass hole keenly accepts all of Paul’s third leg. Paul churns his insides into butter and Dakota loves every iota of it. “It’s so deep, it’s so deep”, he moans. Yes sir it is!

Anxious for stiff dick himself, Paul pulls out and lubes up Dakota. He hops on the cocks like a kid would Santa’s lap. Paul could take stiff dick because good because he gives it; the hallmark of a true versatile fuck boy. He bounces and bounces on Dakota’s raw meat (for a second I thought he might spin on it), while Dakota jacks him from at the rear of. The reachable up on Dakota’s magic stick tightly squeezed into Paul’s deep smooth ass has me ready to explode. Paul’s meat bounces from side to side once Dakota lets it go. So hot! They move back to the bed and Dakota reinserts his pole and continues trying to split Paul in half. That hairy hole opens up nicely for that raw shaft. The room is extra loud now with both boys moaning and existing heavily. Moments later Paul joins me across the finish line by shooting a sticky sperm squall everywhere himself. Dakota’s not far at the back of; he blasts gooey cum everywhere the place.

The camera man points out that moments previous he cums, Dakota seems to zone out and go somewhere. Yeah, that would engagement my bedroom. As promised, Paul has Dakota taste some of his own cum and he loves it. Hopefully, that won’t troth the last time we see him eat little one batter.

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Bailey gets skull fucked on the verge of collapse of the bed by Kaizen Ono, a nipple-pierced hunk who gets a taste for Bailey’s stiff dick and butt sooner than penetrating his hole. Just because the pounding intensifies, a hung black fellow who goes by Sin Santion, enters the scene to finish off Bailey’s bottoming streak.

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Great big strong lads, getting it on in 5 exclusive scenes. Tattoos expand over hairy chests, bulging biceps and thrusting arse cheeks. Myles Bentley gets well and truly nailed by hairy, Spanish macho Edu Boxer. Then Dolan Wolf takes Marc Angelo to his limits with electrocution, and a ram-slam fucking which ends with Marc Angelo damp in goo. Ben Venido and David Camacho, put on one more hairy, man-on-man fuck show. Nicolas and Cigano, meet in an under ground automobile park and head home for a muscle pounding fuck. Matteo Valentine puts on a sounding special solo and swallows a metal sound in his meat previous shooting a hot hot sperm squall. No boys granted, this is where the MEN are.

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Gay Like Girl

It appears from looking at the pics on the tour that Gay Like Girl is a transvestite sex site. It’s hard to really be sure because the text on the tour is laughable, saying things like “Girlboys’ make-up is very neat” and “He was a man, but a weird one. Transsexual.” Luckily for us, it appears that the photographer is NOT the writer, because the pics look pretty good. It isn’t easy to find good TV content as most of the shemales on the web are transsexuals. So let’s head off the the member area and learn more about Gay Like Girl.

When you log into Gay Like Girl you are met with a welcome full of more clueless text that tries to be sexy and succeeded in making me laugh. Below on the left is the site menu, picture of the day and video of the day. On the right are the latest updates. Two things worth pointing out: the menu is very simple and easy to use and the site has not been updated in months.

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Horny man Cedrik is back, this time with a bookish looking blond man. He is wearing a turtleneck and looks quite uptight, except once Cedrik gets nude and exhibits his proud rod, the blond doesn’t hesitate to engulf that rigid prick to the base. He is a kinky and experienced cock sucker and he gives Cedrik some fantastic oral service. There’s some kinky mutual oral cocksucking, and it turns out that Cedrik is the more submissive man of the two. He begins to worship the blond fellow’s tool, eventually burying it in his own meat and riding it like a cowboy. He shoots his sperm blust everywhere blond’s surprised face, and then blondie jerks himself off.

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Broke Straight Boys are pleased to welcome back to the futon, David and Price. This is David’s second time on the futon while Price has been in the studio a couple of times sooner than except is still a relative newbie. Both boys guaranteed on $600 because a fair price for oral, however, neither of them wanted to go first other than subsequent to a little of to-and-fro, it was made up our minds that whomever got hard first would get head first. I told them to stand up and get undressed, getting them to leave their underwear on for a while and to turn almost about and show their asses to the camera then to take them off. With the straight porn playing, the boys sat on the futon and played with their shafts, working on getting hard. (MORE)

It didn’t take long for David to get hard, his thick cocks growing long and thick which meant that Price was giving head first. Shrugging, Price gave David’s cocks a number of hard pumps previous sticking the cocks in his straight boy mouth. David, eyes closed, leaned back into the futon and relaxed into the blowjob that Price was enthusiastically performing. Panting slightly, David permitted that Price was doing a great job. As Price slid drink to his knees in front of him, David couldn’t help except keep sneaking peeks at Price. Price was getting right into giving the blowjob; turning his head one way and then the other and massaging David’s balls previous getting adventurous and deep throating. David was loving Price’s oral skills so much, his hands were clenching at the futon. Price was somewhat reluctant to pull off from David’s stiff dick when I suggested they swap over because it looked like David was close to climax. With David still sitting on the futon, Price straddled his lap and shoved his meat drink David’s throat, taking him suddenly. Price eased back a bit, reaching drink and stroking David’s thick cocks even because he granted David to get used to a thick cocks in his mouth. Slowly, David slid the thick cock in and out of his mouth, not quite sure of the taste of stiff dick other than fearless enough to lick the tip and swirl his tongue along the fanny. (MORE)

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The Cross-dressers

Handsome wig, hold-up fishnet nylons, red panties and high heels – this straight gay cross-closets surprises his boyfriend with one more glamorous outfit and gets a great fuck in return. He commences with a killer blowjob and follows with getting anally drilled from at the rear of taking hard shaft like a perfect str8 gay whore. Cross-dressing games make these straight gay shenanigans even more satisfying cuz it adds some special kink that all the time turns all-male sex into the most unforgettable pleasure.

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This week we have an additional out in public escapade. Two fellas fall in man love at a skateboard park and the rest is history. They can keep there thick cocks in in there pants so they put them in each others mouths and assholes. People are injecting by…old ladies are stopping to watch its a real fucked up time! I’m sure all you passionate fucks are gonna love it!

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